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About Us

About Us

See the World with

Chips&Media is the top global video IP provider
with a wide range of video codec IP and image-specific NPU IP to meet
the ideal power, performance, and area requirements.

Our IP can be embedded in SoC for various
edge devices, including mobile phones, TVs,
set-top boxes, surveillance cameras, autonomous
vehicles, VR, and more.

Chips&Media video codec IPs and NPU include
WAVE6 and WAVE5 series, JPEG series, BODA/CODA series, and CMNP.
They all offer customizable features that satisfy customers’ specifications, such as
different codec standards, performance, bit depth, scaler, and much more.

Global Total Video IP Company – Chips&Media

  • Global video IP company in
    partnership with over
    150 customers around the world.
  • More than 1.55 billion chips
    with Chips&Media's IP.
  • Various products and
    applications from over 20 years of